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I’m writing in response to the note from Gretchen about Hans Conreid I saw on the website.

My site may perhaps become the end-all, be-all place to find photos, sounds, and information on Hans Conried on the internet. Not only have I received information from the woman who has written his biography (due out in summer 2002), but I have done some massive searching myself on the man I consider my all time favorite actor. (You should see my favorites folder on my computer here, it’s full of nothing but Hans Conried, vocal actors, and Broadway things) At any rate, I’d like to offer my website to be placed on yours for reference of all things Hans Conried. http://www.hansconried.com/

And if you still have contact with Gretchen, tell her to stop by the site and messageboard. Another Hans fan is always welcome.

webmaster and owner of www.hansconried.com since October 2001


Unfortunately I seem to have lost Gretchen’s email address. I will ask Greg if he has it somewhere.

Would it matter to you if we put your website right on our index, on the left margin of our web page?……..Or do you want us to put it only under the Links feature? I’m assuming you wouldn’t mind if we put it right there on the left margin.

We definitely will want to allude to your website, because it is really great……..and I really like Hans Conried too. We’ll have to decide how we want to do it……..Whether we will post it under the Links feature, or as a feature all its own.

I visited a few of the features tonight………I will have to visit more, later on, when I have more time. There were some of the sound bites that would not come up for me (there was a problem with “Wizard accessibility” for a few of the sound bites); I would say that about half of the sound bites, that I clicked on, came up.

Have you seen Hans Conried in that movie The Five Thousand Fingers of Mr. T? Greg and I have both seen that movie.

I must say………..that pic that you have of him when he was quite a bit younger……….he was really a good-looking young man, at the time.

Let’s keep in touch with each other,


December 04, 2001


Place the link to the webpage wherever you see fit. I honestly would be honoured to be linked from your site in any way, I just want to keep the knowledge of Hans Conried alive. Feel free to visit as often as you like and don’t hesitate to post on the messageboard.

Yes, I have seen The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T and own it on VHS and DVD. I also have Bus Stop, Peter Pan, an episode of the Pantomime Quiz, Sabateur, Robin and the Seven Hoods, On The Town and The Twonky…all because he is in them in one way or another. (Even for 5 minutes, heh.) I’m a huge fan, if you couldn’t tell. Oh, and I also own almost every radio show he has ever done on mp3.

That picture of him young I got from his biographer. LOL, yes he was an attractive guy when he was younger…he also looks like my boyfriend! (Very eerie)


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