Ray Erlenborn

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you the happiest of holidays, this year, and a wonderful 2002. You emailed me, earlier this year (I’m Brian Kistler, the guy who put together the Walter Tetley Web Page). You may recall you shared some interesting nuggets about your involvement with Crusader Rabbit.

If you have been in show biz for 75 years, then you are truly blessed to have already lived a nice long life. I can only hope that I will make it to even just 75. I would really count it a feather in my cap, if I could live to the ripe young age that you have too (I assume that you’ve celebrated at least your 90th). I’m in really good health, right now at age 42, but it seems that most men don’t usually make it too far past 70. I hope that I do.

Brian Kistler

87 in January and and still doing GIGS! More gitches each year, but still coping! Hearing loss, cataracs (Appointment for next year… busy guy!) Enjoy your OTR inputs. I’m a fan of the little guys: Walter Tetley, Daws Butler, Bill Dana, Dick Beals, Billy Barty. I guess it’s because I am only 5’6″. and…A Happy New Year!


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