Paul Frees

Did you know Mr. Frees was featured as the voice you hear as you first enter teh Haunted House @ Disneyland?[at least he use to be, it’s been years since I have been there] I have a few mp3’s of radio staion ID’s that he did. If you are interested let me know I’d be happy to send them to you orpost them on an FTP for you to download. I very much enjoyed your site as I grew up watching all the cartoons you mention.

Patrick McC

Yeah, that’d be great! I was aware of that ride, that he did voices for. In fact, on the back of his record album, Paul Frees and the Poster People, it ticks off a list of quite a few Disney attractions that he voiced. One of our other readers, who is really “in the know”, had told me that some of those rides no longer exist however (we heard from him a few months ago).

Oh yes, please, please, please, do send those sounds to us! If it’s OK with you, I would like to add them to our Sound Bites feature of the web page.


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