Hans Conried


I just found your web site (I’m not sure how long it’s been “live”), and I am pleased to see how you have showcased the work of voice artist Walter Tetley, and the many other greats who revolved in the Jay Ward universe. Voice artists rarely seem to get the appreciation they deserve.

In case you haven’t heard, I recently published a book about Hans Conried I think you would be interested in reading: Hans Conried: A Biography; with a Filmography and a Listing of Radio, Television, Stage, and Voice Work (McFarland & Company, Inc.: September 2002). I would appreciate a link to the web site I have created to complement and promote the book. It is not a fan site like Hansconried.com (I helped provided the biographical information for that site), but more focused on Conried’s career.

Thank you very much, and best wishes always.

Suzanne G

Thanks very much for the info. I appreciate the subject; we hear from folks about Hans Conried a little bit less than about the other voice actors.


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