Walter Tetley

I was very moved by your tribute to Walter Tetley. I do a segment for the Yesterday USA Radio Network and recently aired some PHIL HARRIS/ALICE FAYE stuff. Walter was a standout. I do was saddened to hear of his later years. I really loved the guy, even though we never met … and never. Tetley was one of the truly great, UN-RECOGNIZED talents of the last century. Thanks again for the tribute.

By the way, the voice of Yakky Doodle, Jimmy Weldon, now 80, is alive and well in Burbank. You might want to go to and see for yourself.

Dennis Daily KYOS Radio/Merced, CA Former national correspondent for UPI Radio

Your name looks very familiar. Did you email me a year or two ago? I seem to recall hearing from a Dennis Dailey who said that he was a reporter. I had been wondering about the voice of Yakky Doodle for some time. I knew that Vance Colvig, who did the voice of Chopper the dog, died quite a few years ago.

Thanks for your kind words, about my web site. Sincerely,


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