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And I thought that I was the only one ……

I stumbled upon your web site while looking for anything about Paul Frees. I was in my early twenties in 1974 when he released Paul Frees and the Poster People and I heard a few snippets on the radio here in the UK. I had always been, and still am, in great awe of people who can bend their voices to sound like other people and the Poster People album totally amazed me. I worked part time as a club and bar DJ at the time and I would use some of the tracks from time to time as a novelty item.

Unfortunately, I became separated from my copy sometime in the late seventies and never found it again although I search Amazon from time to time in the hope of tracking it down.

I wondered if you guys knew of any possible source for it.

Best Wishes


I’ll let you know if I find anything out. I would actually be very surprised if it would not still be possible to buy it, off the web. I have heard, again and again, that there are a lot of internet entries about this album.

I have a copy, but unfortunately the record is a little bit warped. I cannot play all of the first song, on both sides.


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