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Hi Brian; What a wonderful web site for Paul! He would be very happy that you did this for him! My name is Chris Morrison, and I was one of Paul’s neighbors from 1973 to 1986 in Tiburon California. Over the years we had many fun encounters and happy times together. My typing skills are terrible “two words a minute” but if you would like to call me sometime, I have a store in Tiburon, which is open 1-5 Wednesday thru Sundays. Thanks again for what you have done for Paul. P.S. Have you heard about the new book that is coming out about him? Someone just showed me an advance copy and it looks great. Regards Chris

Why sure, it would be neat to talk to you! I do sort of need to watch my pennies, at least a little bit though; I’m getting back on my feet, after being laid off for several months (my company closed down, with no warning at all, and I had been there for 9 years). I am starting a new job tomorrow. So I could call and talk for at least a little while.

Maybe someday I could also write another feature, based on an interview with you—–if you would not mind.

I know about the Paul Frees book; I believe you’re talking about the one called “Welcome, Foolish Mortals”? There is also a Walter Tetley and Daws Butler book out.

I bought the Walter Tetley book——-it was a paperback book of not much more than 100 pages (of actual “reading” material) and it cost me $24.00. I felt that was a bit steep. So I have postponed buying the Paul Frees and Daws Butler books, at this time——-though I would like to get them both.

Take Care,


Brian I would love to put my stories about Paul down as an ad-on to your site or as a link. Ben the author has contacted me and we are going to talk this week. I don’t have any major revelations but he touched me in the same way that he did you. By the way rent the “Pirates of the Caribbean” They have the whole ride as a special ad-on to the movie section complete with Paul’s voice! Call me any Wed-Sun about 1-3pm give me your # and I will call you back on my dime; would love to discuss my years with Mr. Frees with you. Best Regards Chris

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