Galaxy, “The Program Unique”

Hi. I have several 7 inch reel magnetic tapes that my father recorded in the 50’s on his Magnecord PT-6 mono tape deck. It was for flying saucer clubs, but may have been a syndicated radio broadcast. It was called “Galaxy, The Program Unique”…..It had an announcer introducing our friendly space beings named “Monca”, “Soltec”, and “Bolarian”. The announcer sounded very much like Walt Disney announcers, and the space Beings when they talked sounded very real as Martians might sound!

Was this done by Paul Frees in circa 1950 to 1955?? Please respond as I do not find “Galaxy” the radio program listed as one of Paul Free’s works! ??

Please respond as I am very interested, and I am reviving these Martian/ Earth audio tapes which are very entertaining, and enlightening. I feel that Paul Frees may have done the announcer, and Martian voices himself??? It is circa 1950’s early 53/54 as I can guess.

Please respond if you have any info on this Galaxy Radio Program…… ” The program unique with thoughts and ideas that may effect the lives of all poeple,….even you”…….as the old program starts out saying…………….


Al S

Hi Allen

I’m afraid I just don’t know. I assume that you have probably heard of Ben Ohmart, who recently published a very extensive biography about Paul Frees. His email address is


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