Hey Brian

Are you guys still doing all of this stuff. I was a great fan of Walter Tetley and wish I could have met him.

I’ll get back to you about my love of OTR and voice actors. I’m lucky that I managed to meet Paul Frees and many of the others while working (for 20 years) with UPI Radio. Now I’m news director of a radio station in Merced, California, as my career winds down.

I have a question, though. I have always wanted to accomplish the following and wonder if you have any ideas about whose ear I should put a bug in to do it:

I would love to take an old DRAGNET or GUNSMOKE or HAVE GUN; WILL TRAVEL show from the 1950s and have it animated. Since the entire story line, dialogue, music, etc., are there — and since they are in pristine audio quality (having been mastered on magnetic recording tape) — I would love to see what it would look like. I envision giving a grant to a college kid, someone so young they never even saw the TV versions of the shows … let them loose and see what their imagination could come up with.

Might be fun.Let me know what you think and keep up the good work.

Dennis D

Hi Dennis: I’m finding that the longer I have the web page up, the more modest I have to be. With each passing year, I have gotten more and more questions about contacts, or just about specific information, that I’m not informed of. Unfortunately my full-time career is not in this area (I wish it were!).

Really, I was just a kid, who got lucky, 30 years ago, and had the privilege with corresponding with some of these great voice artists (and multiple times with Daws Butler). I’ve attached a photo of what I looked like, when these people started writing to me (June Foray was the first one). Though I was just a little boy, I did get some incredibly detailed information.

Brian at age 12

I do think that your idea, about converting to program to a cartoon is a wonderful idea. I’m not sure that going with someone, who does not have a background or a familiarty with the original work, is a good idea. On the other hand, I could see where that might have some interesting results.

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