June Foray Tribute (1917-2017) Her Best Work Showcased!

Clips of some of the late June Foray’s BEST WORK in the Fractured Fairy Tales! (I should really say, RECENTLY “late”June Foray, as she died less than 3 months ago). More than 95% of the time, she was the SOLE female voice in these Jay Ward cartoons! Out of 91 “Fractured Fairy Tales”, there were only three, when she was not available, so they used Julie Bennett then. Also, on another Jay Ward cartoon, “Peabody’s Improbable History”, actress Dorothy Scott filled in, when June wasn’t free. Other than that, June did everything for all these cartoons associated with Rocky and Bullwinkle between 1959-1964. She also was the lone female voice actress in Jay Ward’s late 60s show, “George of the Jungle” (which included the side shows of “Super Chicken” and “Tom Slick”). I hope you enjoy my tribute!


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