Mission of the Walter Tetley Web Page:

At this writing our focus on the Walter Tetley Web Page is two-fold:

One: Walter Tetley (the voice of Sherman, from Rocky & Bullwinkle’s, Peabody’s Improbable History show);
and Two: All of the very gifted and talented voice artists, from Jay Ward Productions, who made their cartoon series memorable, classy and delightful (and deliciously funny).

Besides Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, this studio also produced the Hoppity Hooper and George of the Jungle shows (George also had his side-kicks, of course: Super Chicken and Tom Slick). With all that being said, however, we wish to emphasize that we will welcome, with open arms, any kind of discussion, or commentary, period, on Jay Ward and Bill Scott’s animated series.

It is quite significant, that we allude to both Ward and Scott, in laying the foundation for our website. Once upon a time, Jay Ward had an animation partnership with a man named Alex Anderson. Roughly ten years before Jay Ward and Bill Scott ever met, Ward and this gentleman, had produced the first animated TV series, Crusader Rabbit.

Though “the Pre-Scott years” are worthy of commentary, we will not touch on them here. The reason for that is very simple. With the advent of Bill Scott, Jay Ward cartoons took on a whole new stamp of identity (as Bill Scott had his hand in just about every aspect of the studio’s cartoons). A completely new era began, for Jay Ward cartoons, with the teaming of the ingenious Scott, with the savvy, business-smart Ward.

Though we are more inclined to “trumpet from the heavens”, the voice-over stars from all these cartoons, we are willing to look beyond just “voices”, and include a much broader
scope of discussion. We will touch on absolutely anything, at all, about Jay Ward cartoons: Animation, Special Effects, Music, Dialogue and Script Writing, General Trivia and Facts about the two producers, Jay Ward and Bill Scott…….

In short, the sky is the limit! We will not cover, however, cartoons outside of Jay Ward Productions. This is simply not the forum for that. This general web page, for Jay Ward cartoons, is named after Walter Tetley, in honor of this voice-over actor, who certainly deserved a tribute for what he did with his life. Though unquestionably not the cream of the crops, among Ward’s voice-over actors, you will see, once you visit our site, why a tribute to him is sorely overdue……..So without further ado, we honor Walter now…….. the long-forgotten, brilliant entertainer……..and fascinating man that he was!

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