Galaxy, “The Program Unique”

Hi. I have several 7 inch reel magnetic tapes that my father recorded in the 50’s on his Magnecord PT-6 mono tape deck. It was for flying saucer clubs, but may have been a syndicated radio broadcast. It was called “Galaxy, The Program Unique”…..It had an announcer introducing our friendly space beings named “Monca”, “Soltec”, […]

In reference to your site and Paul Frees

I stumbled across your website dedicated to cartoon voices while looking for information about Paul Frees. I’ve been in love with his voice for many years, ever since I was a small child and he was in his heyday, especially his natural voice. I don’t know if you are only concentrating on his cartoon voices […]

Paul Frees Radio Files

In, “chris armand” wrote: what other radio shows was paul on? Ahem. Easier said than answered! Well, I’ll try to at least get a start on this, beginning with “Escape.” “Escape” (1947-1954) I’m sure many would probably consider this the pinnacle of Paul’s radio career. This series was a dramatic anthology of “high adventure,” […]

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