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I;’m glad the site’s been up, I’ve been going on it for a few years. In regards to my fellow Hans Conreid fan Suzanne, the only voice actors who seem to get ANY recognition are the ones for modern shows (and by modern I am incoudiong 1980s shows), stuff that I largely don’t care for.

But I agree on voice artists for shows of say, the early 70s, 60s, and before not recieving much recongition. Today people hear about the latest POKEMON or POWERPUFF voice yet nothing on the likes of Hans Conreid, Jim Backus, Dick Beals, etc. It’s like these folks never existed, only the modern ones do. (Of course so many have died from the 1960s and earlier.)

Anyway I’d like to point out when you were mentioning Dick Beals a few years back and you said Hal Smith did Gumby and Davey, I THINK you meant Dick Beals did those OPPOSITE Hal Smith (who did Pokey as did Art Clokey himself and Dal McKennon and who was the sole (Smith) voice of Goliath).

Anyhows, this is a good page.

Thank you. And it is nice to know that you have revisited it several times. I believe we corrected that with Hal Smith and Dick Beals. I gave my friend Greg, the web guy on this page, a list of about 110+ corrections to make a year or so ago. That correction about Dick Beals was one of them. He said that he finished the list of corrections. I actually did not get a chance to double-check my entire list (though I scanned quite a few of them). If by chance you see that we did not fix that, just let me know. I think that I had probably put that comment somewhere on Peabody’s Pony Express.

Perhaps the voice artists of yesteryear don’t get a lot of credit anymore, but I don’t think they are forgotten. There are actually quite a few internet web pages on these stars from the Golden Age of TV (or should I say these stars from the era of Vintage Cartoons).

Maybe they would get a lot more credit, still, if many of their TV shows would continue to be shown on mainstream TV (and not just on cable).


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