Walter Tetley

Hi i recently found your site on Walter Tetley and found it helpful in learning more about this remarkable performer. I first noticed him while listening to an Old time radio reruns of Phil Harris and more recently on the Great Gildersleeve. I find his timing and delivery just wonderful. I have checked out of the library a whole season (1945) of the Great Gildersleeve and am enjoying it very much. Since I know nothing about him i did a web search and found your site. I am sorry that his later life was so difficult. So many of the radio players of the Golden age go unsung. I salute you Watler Tetley for giving me and others laughter. Yours, Miriam– Seattle WA

I wonder which of the two radio shows you liked better. You can see, if you perused the feature, Walter Tetley’s Radio Career Part II, that I liked Gildersleeve better. So are you from my generation? Or are you listening to these radio shows the second time around? Thanks for you nice email. Lately we have hit a lull and have not gotten anywhere near as many emails as before. It was great to hear from you.


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